Sports Psych 101

Today I’m going to give you a few motivational tips which will hopefully provide a bit of help around getting your training done without it being a mental burden – and maybe even loving it. 

So often we put off exercise til late in the day – dreading it. Why do we dread it – really? It’s an interesting thing – as mostly once we get going we find it so invigorating, head clearing and often even euphoric. I think it’s a kind of fear of pain that a lot of us have…although exercise is a good pain and hardly ever properly hurts (it can be uncomfortable but we have to remind ourselves that’s a great thing). One of the things I love about exercising is that you see things other people miss out on – like this incredible sunrise below, at Mount Maunganui – while we could still go away! I focus on how I’ll feel after training when I’m finding motivation tough too. That’s 99% of the time much better than before!
Here’s my list of things you can do to change your mentality towards getting training ticked off your list.

  • Get your training done early. 
  • Roll out of bed and put your “active wear” on immediately – then you won’t find the excuse of needing another shower getting in the way of getting going.
  • Delay your breakfast til after your training. This has the benefit of enhancing the fasting effect of autophagy (your bodies natural cell renewal process). The longer you can go without eating, the more your body enters into autophagy. You may find exercising actually makes it easier to go without eating for longer. This may or may not help with your motivation to exercise! I like that I’m doing something “anti aging” without trying too hard.
  • If you’re finding you are really struggling to push yourself to exercise – just aim to do 10 minutes. What you might find happens is that 10 minutes is enough to get you going and enable your mentality to push you along for longer. If not 10 minutes of exercise is better than sitting on the couch or in your office chair.
  • Visualising yourself exercising in a little meditation before you get out of bed can help some people. The process of visualising is extremely powerful – but you want to make sure you’re visualising “happy” exercise; training that makes you feel strong and fast.
  • Tell me what motivates you! I’d love to share your thoughts (anonymously) with others!

Published by becsgoldie

Hi, I'm Becs - I'm a Personal Trainer with YEARS of experience (not telling how many); I have 2 kids and a husband and lots of clients who I look after. I've carved out my niche over the years into what I would now like to call wellness, although that's a very general term. I use a combination of nutritional advice, training expertise (resistance and cardiovascular), stretching and core activation techniques, ELDOA (google that) and some mindfulness to help enable people to get the most out of their life. Years ago I completed my Physical Education degree at Otago, and since then have done lots of great courses which have helped me to upskill. I've also had the privilege of working with a bunch of incredible trainers, massage therapists, doctors, physios, osteos and chiropractors over my career who have all added so much to what I know and how I practise.

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