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Ideas for quick prep meals for busy people.

If you want to jump out of bed in the morning, feel excited about throwing on your workout gear, jog happily down the road to bootcamp or your gym, be energised (not exhausted) afterwards and feel great all day in your skinny jeans (or slim fit shirt for you guys) then read on for some…

Creative Workouts

Earlier in the week my daughter was practising her gymnastics moves while I was doing my workout. I helped her a few times with some handstand holds and improved her backbend position – and decided to have a crack myself. My handstands are pretty good – they are something I’ve tried to keep doing throughout…

Walking for Wellness

My happy walking place – and about a thousand others going by the numbers up here in the past week or so. I love that lockdown re-prioritises peoples health for these short periods – what I’d love to see even more is that stretching into our non-lockdown life. Walking everyday is highly underrated as a…

Breathing matters

I’d never really thought that much about breathing until I heard Dr Libby Weaver speak one night. I just thought it was an automatic type thing – and that although you could control it – I didn’t really realise it was vital for stress management, sleep or alertness. In fact there’s a whole breath science…

Fasting, chapter 2

More advice today on why and how to not eat, just a few more things I needed to tell you following on from my intro to fasting last week. I know some of you have trialled some fasting over the past few weeks. Hopefully you’ve had success with that, and felt some benefits. Last time we learnt a…

The Power of Good Sleep

Over the past few months I’ve written about a few wellness related topics. For optimal wellness they all go hand in hand, but it’s widely agreed that sleep trumps all. Sleep is the time to restore and power your body back to perfect. You release most of your growth hormone; fight inflammation, infection and trauma…

Intro to Fasting

Intro to Fasting Today I’m hoping to fill in a few more gaps on fasting and time restricted eating for you. Firstly – a definition – “fasting” equates to going more than 24 hours without food, and “time restricted eating” is when you limit the food that you eat in a day to a window -…

Mini Workout Wellness

Those of you that know me well know that I don’t spend hours a day training. I average 3 runs a week, which vary between 30 minutes and up to occasionally a couple of hours if I’m working towards an event (not that often). I don’t spend hours working out in the gym either. My…

How HIIT can help you.

High Intensity Interval Training. You’ve probably all heard of this trendy method of boosting your fitness. All of you that have trained with me have done bits and pieces of it during our sessions, and at bootcamps. It amounts to pushing yourself harder than you usually would for short periods of time, repeatedly, with small rests between.…

Sports Psych 101

Today I’m going to give you a few motivational tips which will hopefully provide a bit of help around getting your training done without it being a mental burden – and maybe even loving it.  So often we put off exercise til late in the day – dreading it. Why do we dread it – really? It’s an…

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