Mini Workout Wellness

Those of you that know me well know that I don’t spend hours a day training. I average 3 runs a week, which vary between 30 minutes and up to occasionally a couple of hours if I’m working towards an event (not that often). I don’t spend hours working out in the gym either. My busy schedule of work and kids doesn’t permit it – so I’ve worked out over the years ways I can maximise my “bang for buck”. What I’ve found works is adding mini workouts into my days. If I have 10-15 minutes free I’ll utilise it and grab a heavy barbell – I’ll superset deadlifts and squats, or bent over rows and lunges. If at home, swiss ball leg curls and dumbbell pullovers, or kettlebell swings and press ups. I have the advantage of usually being warm from running here or there or pulling or pushing people around the gym, so I can save 5 minutes of warm up, but literally – this is how I roll. Now I’m not saying that this is the most awesome or the best way ever to train, but it does work! And it’s time effective! So when I saw this Mark Sissons’ article – it resonated, so I thought I’d share. It will fill in lots of gaps that I’ve not mentioned here – so it’s worth a click through to. Also, this guy, Mark, is over 60 and still amazingly in shape and active. He’s an inspiring person and worth following if you are into health, wellness and fitness.

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Hi, I'm Becs - I'm a Personal Trainer with YEARS of experience (not telling how many); I have 2 kids and a husband and lots of clients who I look after. I've carved out my niche over the years into what I would now like to call wellness, although that's a very general term. I use a combination of nutritional advice, training expertise (resistance and cardiovascular), stretching and core activation techniques, ELDOA (google that) and some mindfulness to help enable people to get the most out of their life. Years ago I completed my Physical Education degree at Otago, and since then have done lots of great courses which have helped me to upskill. I've also had the privilege of working with a bunch of incredible trainers, massage therapists, doctors, physios, osteos and chiropractors over my career who have all added so much to what I know and how I practise.

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